Cross-Country Ski Trails

~brief descriptions for some of our favorites~

Beginners Meadow

Beginners Meadow is a short 1/2-mile, groomed loop that is enjoyable for both new and experienced skiers. Access it from the Sunny Meadow Trailhead by skiing 30 yards from the trailhead. Then veer right to ski up a short aspen-lined corridor and pass through a gate. Make your way over a small hill and continue for approximately 50 yards to the meadow. The terrain is relatively flat with slight, southern incline to explore and practice technique. The Beginner Meadows is a gateway to the Bratwurst and Loop trails, so after cruising around the meadow track loop, continue your ski adventure to other trails in the Eagle Cliff system.

Dead Ox

Skiing the Dead Ox gulch is always a delightful adventure. It is one of the most scenic trials of the Eagle Cliff system with twists, turns, cliffs, rock formations, and gorgeous scenery. The trail accommodates both novice and advanced skiers, with a steady, but gentle uphill climb for 3.7 miles. The top of the trail opens on to a meadow where you often find tracks of elk and other wildlife. Dead Ox is a great first ski and last ski of the season as the protection of the gulch generally preserves the snow. Note that the entrance to the trail is on private land and available only during the winter ski season. You are in for a treat skiing Dead Ox!

Roller Coaster

Accessing the Roller Coaster Trail from the bottom  via the Raddick Gulch Trailhead and making your way up to the top is not for the faint of heart. If you're wanting a good workout, this is the trail for you. The fun reward is the trip back down this trail. Get ready for joy as you cruise down from the top. Watch this video, complements of Roy Berke and his GoPro camera, for a glimpse of fun you can expect heading down Roller Coaster.