Skiing Tips

These videos provide cross-country ski techniques and tips on gear and equipment you will need to get started with this wintertime sport.

Go Cross-Country Skiing in the Black Hills Video Series

Why Cross-Country Ski?

ECSA's Michael Goodroad explains the benefits of cross-country skiing and being outside in the Black Hills.

Equipment and Gear Demo

ECSA's Steve Sanders details the types of cross-country skiing and demonstrates equipment and gear used in this wintertime sport.

Ski Apparel & Accessories

Roam'n Around's Tamara Ritter gives advice on gear to keep you warm, dry, and comfortable out on the trail.

Black Hills XC Areas & Rental Locations

ECSA's Michael Goodroad shares locations for places to cross-country ski in the Black Hills and locations to rent equipment.

Beginner's Guide from the Professional Ski Instructors of America

Part I

Part II