Spring 2020

Greetings, Eagle Cliff Ski Association Members and Trail Enthusiasts!

With the cancellation of the meeting in March, and some time before the 2020 Annual Meeting this early fall, there are developments and information that members should be aware of, so check out the following:

  • Eagle Cliff Ski Association has a Facebook page! Thanks to Janet Sanders and Chris Konvalin for their efforts in providing this option for folks to share information on conditions and check out the status of grooming, along with any other ECSA news and coordination of events.

  • The website will continue to function as a source of information regarding less dynamic topics, such as the posting of bylaws, organizational structure, membership, etc.

  • The Board of Directors adopted bylaws for ECSA for the first time since its inception. They are quite simple and a practical guide for organizational function. One component did change the structure of officers by separating the duties and roles of the Secretary into Secretary and Treasurer. The bylaws will be available on the website, which is at eagleclifftrails.com.

  • With the realignment of officer duties, the Board has appointed Mary Kay Buum as Secretary, with Janet Sanders continuing to operate the club’s finances with her title now Treasurer. Thank you to both of you for taking on those tasks. There will be opportunities for interested members to take on a role as an officer when business is addressed at the annual meeting.

  • There will be some opportunities this summer and fall for members to participate in work days to clear the trails of trees and debris. There have been a couple of large trees across trails that will require attention. With the club having our own Certified Sawyer, Greg Gunderson, we can organize a work day without needing to be accompanied by a member of the Forest Service staff. This provides us with the ability to pull together a team when our Sawyer is available and take on the work in manageable projects. The US Forest Service is still committed to assisting with a work day at the end of summer while staffing is optimum. The opportunities to participate in a work day will be posted on Facebook, as well as communicated in emails to members. Thanks to Greg for attending the Sawyer Certification training and providing the club with the flexibility to manage an efficient process for trail maintenance.

  • The club continues the search for someone to take on the grooming of the portion of trails that are approved for grooming by the US Forest Service. Our current groomer, Steve Sanders, will train the individual(s) that are willing to make this contribution of time and energy. There are skiers that seek out a groomed trail, and we do want to continue with grooming and keep the appeal of the Eagle Cliff Trails for all skiers. Interested persons can connect on Facebook or send an email to contact@eaglecllifftrails.com or call Steve Sanders 605-415-1757. Thank you, Steve, for all of your efforts this past season.

  • With the threat of Covid19, our wish for all ECSA members and their families is that they stay well. One benefit of the Eagle Cliff Trails is that they can be accessed and enjoyed while maintaining safe distancing, whether that is skiing, hiking, or biking (or horseback riding for some). Remember that physical fitness enhances your immune system, so take advantage of what the Black Hills has to offer. Stay safe and well.

Sherry Bea Smith, President