How can I help to sustain Eagle Cliff trails by becoming a member or donating?

Your membership helps maintain the trails and parking lots of the Eagle Cliff trail area. We appreciate your contributions to help us to sustain our volunteer efforts. Become a Member and/or Donate to show your support.

Where can I rent cross country skis?

Edge Sports near Lead, SD and Rapid City Scheels offer cross-country ski rental packages.

How much does it cost to ski the groomed trails at Eagle Cliff?

There is no cost to ski the trail network. Eagle Cliff Ski Association is a volunteer organization. As volunteers, we work to promote and maintain the trails for recreational use. If you enjoy the trails and would like to assist with the costs associated with equipment, grooming, plowing, insurance, etc., we very much appreciate donations to support these efforts.

Are dogs allowed on the Eagle Cliff trails?

Dogs are not allowed on the trails with the exception of the Sunny Meadow trail and the snowshoe trails at Eagle Cliff. Leashes are required. Skier safety is a top priority for the trails, and as dog tracks have the potential to disrupt relatively smooth ski track flow and compromise skier safety, they are only allowed on the Sunny Meadow trail and snowshoe trails.

Which Eagle Cliff trails are designated as snowshoe trails?

Hollow, Holey Rock, Lily Park, and Hamburger are designated as snowshoe trails at Eagle Cliff. Lost Run Trail is designated as both a ski trail and a snowshoe trail.

How should I report a downed tree blocking the trail?

If you encounter downed trees on the trail, please contact us or send us a Facebook message. Your report will help us to clear the trail as quickly as possible.