Area Trail Map

The Eagle Cliff Trails system features 23 intertwining loop and dead-end trails. You will find fun and challenge at every turn. Trails range from short, rugged, and remote to longer, looping trails with a range of difficulty. Combine trails and routes to create your own unique experience.

Trail difficulty ratings are for cross-country skiing. Hikers and mountain bikers may find the trails to be less difficult than the ratings indicate.

Download a PDF of the Eagle Cliff Trails brochure and map.

Snowshoe Trails

Hollow (P), Holey Rock (O), Lily Park (Q), and Hamburger (S1) are designated as snowshoe trails at Eagle Cliff. Lost Run Trail (S2) is designated as both a ski trail and a snowshoe trail.

If you encounter established ski tracks while snowshoeing, please do not walk on them. Rather, stay to the far right of the tracks and create a new snoeshow trail that is separate from the ski tracks. This will prevent snowshoe tracks from disturbing the set ski tracks. Similarly, if you encounter trail grooming operations, move to the far right and allow the groomer to work unimpeded.

Cross-Country Ski Trails