ECSA Newsletter Spring 2023

Greetings Eagle Cliff Ski Association Members and Trail Enthusiasts!

As we celebrate the conclusion of a fabulous ski season the board members of the Eagle Cliff Ski Association (ECSA) have several items to share with you.

As you read through this newsletter containing highlights, grant activities, and plans for next season, please note the significant expense we face to replace the 20-year-old snowmobile and equipment used to groom Eagle Cliff ski trails. The old equipment served us well, but finally failed at the end of the season. New equipment is necessary if grooming operations are to continue at Eagle Cliff, and your financial support is needed as we face the challenge of purchasing a new snowmobile. 

Highlights of the Season

Grant Award and Application Submission

Federal funds for equipment purchased with this grant stipulate that the equipment be manufactured in the United States, however no US manufacturers build the type of snowmobile required for ECSA grooming conditions. We are stymied...but not this stipulation limiting us from potential RTP funding to cover the cost of a new snowmobile. 

As for RTP grant funding to replace grooming equipment, there is a chance we could receive an award of $6,904 (80% of the requested amount of $8,630 needed to purchase grooming equipment). Competition is intense for RTP grant funding, but we are keeping our fingers crossed for a positive outcome of potential funding. We will know more when grant award decisions are made in June or July. In the event that we are successful grant recipients, ECSA will be responsible for matching 20% ($1,726) of the requested amount ($8,630).

How Can You Help?

We are initiating a fundraising campaign to assist with the following efforts, and we need your help:

Please consider how you can support this effort and/or Donate Now. 

Plans in Place for 2023-2024 Season Events

Thank you for your membership and support! 

The ECSA board is diligently working to fulfill ECSA's mission to promote the recreational use of the Eagle Cliff Trails. The coming year will be challenging, but with our devoted members we know that we can accomplish our goals. We will be sharing more details as plans solidify.

 Sherry Bea Smith, ECSA President and ECSA Board of Directors