Eagle Cliff Ski Association Events

Upcoming Events -- 2023-2024 Season Events Forthcoming

Past Events 2022-2023

ECSA Annual Meeting

September 10 

This event is for current and potential members to gather and meet fellow ECSA members and ski/snowshoe enthusiasts, to find out about the season's upcoming events and activities, to provide feedback regarding trail experiences, and to suggest ways to improve user experience. View meeting details.

ECSA Trail Maintenance Day

September 24

We work with the US Forest Service to prepare and improve the trails for the upcoming season. Wear your work clothes and gloves and join us to clear trails and add markers to improve trail navigation.  Please sign up if you are interested in participating in this effort.

ECSA Grooming Seminar

December 17

This event is open to all who are interested in learning about grooming trails. Join us for "Meet Your Grooming Equipment Day" on Saturday, December 17. Gather at NOON at Bratwurst Trailhead (located 7.3 miles southwest of Cheyenne Crossing on Hwy 85). 

Intro to Cross-Country Skiing (Part I)

October 26

This course is offered by the SD Game, Fish, and Parks Outdoor Campus. Participants will learn about benefits of cross-country skiing and the gear and equipment used for this wintertime sport. View details and register. 

Beginner Ski

January 7 | February

These events are geared towards novice cross country skiers. Learn tips and practice your kick and glide! Check out our Past Events Gallery for more of what's in store with this event. Register for the event(s) to receive complete details. 

NOTE: This is a follow-up session for those who participate in the Intro to Cross-Country Skiing (Part I) course offered by the SD Game, Fish, and Parks Outdoor Campus in October. Prior to this follow-up event, participants should review Go Cross-Country Skiing in the Black Hills.   Although participation in the Outdoor Campus course is recommended, it is not required to attend the Beginner Ski events.

Adventure Ski

January 21 | February 18  (8:45 am -- noon)

This event is designed for skiers with experience, but not necessarily expert status. It is a 2-3 hour ski exploring trails deeper into the Eagle Cliff Trails system that skiers may not necessarily pursue on their own.  The ski is guided by skiers who have knowledge of the trails and conditions as well as the skill to coach skiers on techniques for trail conditions.  Check out our Past Events Gallery for a view of what's in store with this adventure.